Saturday, March 26, 2011

Emerald City FC Allumni Aaron Kovar Leads the KingCo 4A Conference in Scoring

KingCo 4A

Scoring Leaders
Player Team Goals Assists Points
Aaron Kovar Garfield 6 4 16
Alex Shane Issaquah 6 1 13
Josh Canova Garfield 5 1 11
Tolga Delik Roosevelt 5 1 11
Sean Klauer Eastlake 5 1 11
Sean Russell Garfield 5
Michael Roberts Issaquah 2 6 10

Aaron's parents describe his development:
"Aaron ended up with the Sounders. The Kovar family can look back with fondness at all the years with ECFC. I look back at my kid's soccer skills and know where they developed. Aaron just made it on the U-18 Men's National Team Pool. I think he is the only kid from the Pacific Northwest. Win a spot on the 18 man roster or not, we are so very proud of him and all the work he has put into his passion for all these years. I am (speaking) to acknowledge to Emerald City FC the huge role the club has played in his development.”
-R. Kovar, parent of ECFC alumnus Aaron Kovar

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